FAKE BREAKING NEWS: Trump Inks Deal With E! Network For White House Reality Show

In a joint press release, Donald Trump and the E! Network announced today the signing of a multi-year deal to produce a new reality show that will “give viewers a totally unedited look at the wacky day-to-day antics that happen all the time in the ultra-secret safe rooms buried deep within otherwise impregnable bunkers hundreds of feet under the White House.”  The show has been tentatively titled “Precedential Apprentiss:  Give Me One Good Reason Not To Throw You Out of The West Wing, My People Say I Won By A Huge Margin When You Drop The 23 Million Totally Illegal Votes From Dead Mexican Drug Dealers And Murderous Kenyan Muslims, Let’s Remember Russians Have Feelings Too.” According to an E! spokesperson, the production has been fast-tracked, with the first episode potentially airing as early as February 22nd.  Sources close to the negotiations suggest that the tight schedule was deemed necessary because “technically it’s multi-year, but no one expects we’ll have time to shoot more than a couple.”  Initial financing has been underwritten via a grant from a newly-formed Russian, Chinese, North Korean, Iranian foundation.

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