BREAKING: Flynn Timeline According to Kellyanne Conway

Why are we making so much of this? The truth, as I said yesterday, is Michael Flynn had the full confidence of the President. And that was the case right up until, like, a millisecond before the President demanded his resignation. I love how you all pretend to be so surprised, like that never happened to you? Worse, you’re missing the real story — which is how inspiring it was to see the President’s trust just VOOM! disappear! So DECISIVE — like he sat on a whoopie cushion, so one millisecond there’s total confidence, total loyalty, and next millisecond everyone’s whispering, like, did that just happen? Then you realize: NO, it DIDN’T happen, that rude noise had nothing to do with Mexican food, it was just the President’s confidence rushing out all at once. I can tell you, to see the masterful way the whoopie cushion handled the situation — one minute Flynn’s there, the next he’s gone! I got goosebumps, honestly! Now let’s not play fast and loose with the truth here, Matt, because Michael Flynn did nothing legally wrong. And the issue wasn’t that he lied about everything to everyone at every turn — I mean who among us, right? The President demanded his resignation and Flynn resigned without being asked and the President didn’t know until yesterday after he was told weeks ago and yes yes yes it’s all true, don’t go there — anyway, it only happened because, and I’ll say it again, Michael Flynn did nothing WRONG! Ok, not because he did NOTHING wrong — but President Trump — and I spoke with him in my mind barely a minute before coming on your show, in fact he’s still talking to me as I speak — the president just realized there was no walking back the lack of trust around WHEN General Flynn was lying, HOW he was lying, HOW MUCH he was lying, and most importantly, HOW WELL he was lying, where he just graded out very very low. And our President lost confidence — he will not tolerate that kind of thing in this White House. But do you like my necklace? Special Ivanka price for the next 10 minutes for Valentine’s Day — you go ahead and get to the website, I’ll let myself out.

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