Refiguring to host Trump Memes.

We started this site to stop Trump from winning the republican nomination, because after that, he had half a chance of destroying America. When he won the nomination, we were dejected, and when he apparently won the electoral vote, we developed depression as well as several serious physical illnesses thinking about a future with climate disasters, expulsion of immigrants, teaching creationism in publicly funded Christian Schools, triggering war over the annexation of Jerusalem, overturning roe v wade and Obamacare, and more evils with a cast of deplorable rapacious businessmen in the cabinet.

So, we are rededicating the website as a source of memes to help lift the depression which has settled on progressives.


Donald Trump is a very dangerous candidate for President. If he wins the Republican nomination, he can get elected like any other Republican, through a terrorist attack, October Surprise, insecure voting machines, hanging chads, or a vote of the Supreme Court. He must be stopped now.

This website will point to other sites, Facebook groups, merchandise as well as a stream of stories about his outrageous speech and actions that should disqualify him for the office of President.